new stror


Red lipstick,mascara,heels.

*checks herself in the mirror*

she knows red always looked good on her skin, but tonight “good” was not good enough .she wanted sexy so she picked the black blush lingerie strapless cropped corset that came with garter belts and lace panties.he needed to be dumbstruck when he saw her.

she looked in the mirror again,she liked what she saw.silently she thanked God for her moms genes that’s who she got her light skin toned from.Black on her was magic.This she knew.Her dress was black, off-shoulder,knee length,thigh high slit.

*she looked in the mirror*

she smiled.

The dress did justice to all her feminine details. Skin tight, showed her long legs,her shoulder and dipped to show just the right amount of cleavage.

‘he wont know what hit him”.

satisfied,she puffed versace’s pink diamond on her skin, it was her favorite perfume.

It’s not 7 pm  yet,she busies her self with tiding the room.He might decide to head back to her’s after dinner.


This girl was different.He didn’t know how but all he could think of was her at breakfast,at work,during the day,all the damn time!.love?lust?obsession?. HELL! he didn’t know. He just wanted to be next to her, that he was sure of.

They had been  talking for 2 month he was pretty sure she could feel it too.The tension.Strong.Sexual.Demanding.Tonight they had to get it out or he might go mad.He couldn’t take her baiting him anymore.last time was the last straw.that kiss almost undid him.she liked playing games.frustrating him.

Today had to be it. He had left work early to get his house tidy and stock up. they could get hungry after the night shenanigans.If all went his way, she would not have the strength for a meal.

6:04 pm

He had to shower.the driver to her apartment was 30 minutes.


7;00 pm

*doorbell rings*

she smiles.

she always liked men who kept to time.

she peeked through the window. Habit.

picks her purse and walks out


white shirt,pants shoes.simple,clean.he smelled really good too.


“wow…you look”…

*cling* her inner goddess does a victory dance. he is tongue tied. she smiles.

they hug.

his cologne,aftershave. fresh,clean,cool.she is slowly loosing all ability to think.


He hears the “hey” before he sees her. In this dress he wouldn’t make it through dinner.

they hug and he breathes in her perfume.blood rushes from his brain and for a second her considers cancelling dinner.

” thank you .you look very nice too” she says  reminding him of the need to be a gentleman.

they get into the car and head to dinner their reservation was in 20 minutes.+

“lord i wont make it”


“lord i wont make it through dinner”.


stolen side glances are the only words spoken in 20 minutes.each, lost in thoughts of each other.they could taste the want.raw,untouched.


They sit in a dimly lit corner. Dinner is pretty good,but  they hunger for other things. the conversation is simple,polite.

day,work,laugh,the food,the wine…

body parts are shuffled here,crackled there..more wine


they stare at each other,begging the other to end this facade,and get out before they explode.

none bulge.

He looks from her eyes to her lips. lingers..down to her neck, cleavage..

she holds her breath,.

skin flushes.

This man in his dark delicious chocolate skin,deep brown eyes and full pink lips would make her beg soon if he kept looking at her like that.His gaze hasn’t moved,he hasn’t spoken.she would speak but she does not trust herself with words right now.Their plate is still full with scattered crab and rice. she needs to breathe,she needs air.

“excuse me,i have to use the bathroom be back in 5”

“take your time” he watches her go.thankful for the air .


she draws air into her lungs.this is hard.

she is looking in the mirror when the bathroom door opens and slams behind.she turns.she cant remember who moves first but the urgency of the kiss undeniable.

lips lock,cares forgotten,his tongue plunges into her mouth,hot,wild,wanting.she matches his call,responding eagerly,following his lead…he hands find her zip,the dress is in a pool at her feet.

“God your are beautiful”…

*I know*

she’s cocky, he likes it. Evidently the bulge in his pants keep growing.she gets on her knees and gets to work.He watches,the anticipation killing him.she unzips his pants and takes him in her mouth.he fills her, huge,thick…he cant hold it.if she does this for too long he wont survive.he picks her up in one swift moment places her on his shoulders…she about to learn not to tease a Mr……



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