love in transit.

I met a boy on the plane the other day.He spoke words so soft the broke this rock hard walls.

I smiled, a bit too wide, lingered on those conversations a sentence too long.

He had a gentleness about him that was captivating,held my words locked up somewhere in the clouds my brain couldn’t seem to fetch.Manners well tailored to the sleeves of his clean cut nails.

I do not usually gush over boy-species but for this I make an exception.

He was dark-chocolate-fine,punk-twisted hair,6’2 maybe more..I could tell.I had to twist all the way up to get a look. Nothing over the top,just right…Perfect height, face poised between mc-steamy and  Idris-elba,perfect enough. Body just right.not gym-killed,not junk filled,just right.PERFECT.

He commanded English in no particular accent, but still, you had the urge to listen,understand all the words he spoke and readily pay a one-way ticket to hell if he sold it.

Twitter, Facebook,  no-one can really help when all you have is a first name and memories to stalk.

we keep our love pinned on sky-lines and blue clouds.


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