Black boy.

They said he was uneducated,

he got a masters in English,

PHD  in computer science.

They said he looked thuggish,

mother cut his hair skin low,with extra fear.

They said he looked dangerous,

father  burnt all his hoodies

bought him suits and extra prayers.

They say he scared them,

he was 5’11,light skinned, lighter voice.

They said he didn’t obey,

he had his hands up, on his knees just like they asked.

they say he was a criminal,

3 shots fired,

It was broad day light.

his only crime was being black.



One thought on “Black boy.

  1. Prince Umanah

    Black lives matter. While I join in the fight against police brutality, I believe the black society needs to change their thought process as they progress in life. Some of the culture that is been taught to the younger generations are actually messed up. Only a black man will not want to see a brother succeed, only a black man will be broke but live a flashy lifestyle, only a black man will break the law and expect people to clap for him…we need to change the way we think and act, only then can we truly stop most of the violence we see…remember action and reaction is equally and opposite (newtons law of forces)

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