resolutions …or nah?



I know its kinda late but I am super duper excited, and very extra grateful to the good lord for the opportunity to see the new year. The many new opportunities awaiting, new possibilities, new friendships,chapters  to be written in the next 12 months clean slate!. :).

Happy as I am about this new year, I keep feeling like I  wasted all of last year.I accomplished absolutely NOTHING.  pT7rarzjc

I really didn’t make any resolutions( I actually never do). However, I think passively  at the back of my mind the usual  ‘FOCUS and LOSE WEIGHT’ tags were on repeat. needless to say none of that happened. rather the opposite of both.

giphy (3)

SOOO, I decided to do away with the silent resolutions and try the PROPER  resolutions this year.Hopefully I accomplish them or atleast come close to doing so. NO PRESSURE!!!. *actually, little pressure*. I also made sure to make my list real slim to avoid Huge disappointments. Most of all I am going to try to enjoy the we go. like I said no pressure.


1.LOOSE WEIGHT: giphy (4)

This is my biggest one.while I am not exactly a whale yet, I am not skinny either . I think of doing this every year or after every large meal but I see the next meal and I forget all about it. The spirit is willing but the flesh is TRES weak.  But this year, fitfam is a must!.16707430-Emoticon-showing-his-muscular-arm-with-heart-tattoo-Stock-Vector

2.BE MORE FOCUSED: Focused is a great word for this category as I am currently the queen of laziness, procrastination and distraction.from school, to personal relations, God, you name it. I need to get back on my A game.

3.START A BUSINESS: well, you know a girl is trying to match her credit balance to her taste so COINT  must be made. I like expensive things and I cannot lie. but the way my account balance is set up…..long story short, I have a few business ideas but I don’t mind suggestions and if you wanna partner up, hit a girl up. Just leave a comment below and i’ll check my schedule.


All jokers and scammers step away from the comment section thank you.

4. LOVE MYSELF: This is another major this year. 2016 would be a very self centered year.  yes! I would be very selfish with my time, energy and space. Extensive life detox would be happening this year. I am the sole focus this year. Ill be spending time with myself. learning all I possibly can on self love ,self forgiveness, Insecurities, flaws and other beautiful things. Kanye a’int got noting on me .so everything or anyone toxic would be flushed out.


So there you have it! my resolutions in actual writing. I am very terrified now they actually are you have resolutions? what are they? maybe be we can do some together. MAY the odds be in our favor.



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