Dear unkown

Dear unknown,

though distance has done us no favors

and ours eyes are yet to see,

Be assured our hearts have met countlessly,

in sky high castles,and pretty worlds.

In the  sweet fuzziness of my dreams,I have known you.

I hope your feel the the depth of this love from every squeeze I give my pillow.

We have met in nations ruled by reverie somewhere in my head

where galaxies burst into a thousand red hearts

and the stars could not outshine the love I have for you.

Dear unknown,

I have loved you from the innocence of my childhood

through the heartbreaks of my youth, I have search tirelessly

for traces of you on the lips of frogs that never turn to princes.

I have flown carpets and planes in search of you.

Dear unknown,

when our hearts are no longer in oblivion and the earth can no longer

keep us apart, I promise I will love you, like no other has. I will kiss your

scars with every fiber of my being,I will mend them,till they are no broken

pieces.Then we would blossom like spring leaves from trees by fresh water

with roots deeply planted in oxygen from heavens lungs.

And at dawn , we would breath , I  you and you I till our hearts beat as one and there is nothing left to give…….

                                *****TO BE CONTINUED*****


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