I am a small girl in a big world,

my eyes are big,hair is curled

my brother is bad,

mother is sad,

my sister would not look up from her keypad

this makes mother mad.

my father is a drunkard

all cause of the lad.


Mother prays and prays

father strays and strays

brother sways away

so much to say

someday I may

today is not the day




3 thoughts on “Csalad

  1. EikÓJÖnwa

    You write so well, I swear I’m crying!
    Look, keep it up! Keep it up, you hear? I appreciate you, I celebrate you!
    It might seem like no one sees, no one reads, but believe me, they will!


    1. wow, it must be the weather or onions in the air but this comment travelled straight to my tear ducts. I’m not even sure how words so plain would make me this emotional. literally felt you were speaking to my soul. it think we should be friends.
      this means a lot to me.
      thanks a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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