No hero.

Dead or dying.

I cant tell the difference.

you”ve killed me so many times

still, I stay living,thriving,pushing,hoping,praying.

you say your wiring is fragile and your casing needs repair.

I say what use is a cable guy when you wont make  the call

what use is the handy man when you killed them all.


I lend you my love so you can breathe

you take it,fill your lungs,and fire my fears.

you quell  my hope then you play victim.

still,I find you,find you,and hope on hope.

because its you,this is me and this is what love does.

but you know its true what they say,

you cant love another if you never loved yourself.

this time i can say it wasn’t me.

I would save you if could.

I tried,

we tried,

you didn’t try enough, you don”t want to.

this time you killed yourself.







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